Into the Skirt(2010, 40min, Plateaux commission, Mousonturm)

Mamoru Iriguchi: Concept, Design, Performance

Nikki Tomlinson: Dramaturgy

Maria Garcia: Costume Co-design/Supervision

supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Mousonturm, Battersea Arts Centre, Artsadmin

Brief description: 

A one-man multimedia period-costume-drama. It explores the stuffy and humid world inside the crinoline -- an architectural structure supporting red velvet skirt that resembles theatre curtain. It opens to reveal secret affair between Fairytale princess and Prince charming. Alongside this love story, Into the Skirt also invites its audiences to the world that makes sense only to a bookish 7 year-old bedwetter (Mamoru). In the second half, this surrealist world is revisited by himself at the age of 14 who encounters his younger self there.

Review Extracts:

".....His hoop skirt, the eggs, and his imitation of Judy Garland are colourful and humorous illustrations of the battle against heteronormativity.”

Philipp Schulte (Alternative Genealogies: Critique and style in Contemporary Performance Art)

Performance History:

Plateaux Festival (commissioned & premiered, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt), Internationales Performance Festival (Performance Art Deport, Mainz, Germany), Camden People’s Theatre (London), Artisphere (Arlington, US)


photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Mirko Blaufaß

photo: Maria Garcia

photo: Maria Garcia