4D Cinema: Screen2 (2015, 25min)

Mamoru Iriguchi: Concept, Design, Performance

Performance History: Chisenhale Dance Studio, GOlive, CCA (forthcoming Aug 2015)

supported by GOlive

Brief Description:

In 4D Cinema, time does not behave as we know it. It’s a cinema where the dead are more alive than the living and vice versa. 4D Cinema: Screen 1 made it possible for Mamoru to perform live together with an iconic late Hollywood star, Marlene Dietrich. In this newly developed Screen 2, Mamoru is to be reunited with his late twin brother on stage.  

Sporting a screen and a projector built around his face, Mamoru explores what liveness and pre-recorded-ness means to us in this day and age where new technology is constantly blurring the boundary between true and virtual realities.

Review extracts:

On the one hand...Everything looks like a mistake. ... On the other hand, there are enough hints to suggest that this mess is deliberate and carefully constructed. A projected replay in reverse...makes these mistakes suddenly thrilling. As the piece progresses, layer upon layer, the mistakes gain increasing significance...

(Joseph Mercier, Bellyflop Magazine)


photo: Maria Andrews