Performance Projects

S.E.X.(Sex Education Xplorers) (2021)

At the Ends of the Day (2021)

Lionel’s Scottish Kitchen (2021)

World Jam (2020)

Zoom Dark Mode (2020)

Impossiballet (2019)

EATEN (2017)

The Tallest (2017)

4D Cinema (2015, 55min)

4D Cinema: Screen 2 (2015, 25min)

4D Cinema: Paradiso (2015, 2min)

Family Time Trip (2014, 5min)

Many M (2014, 3min)

GRAFT (2014, 20min)

PAINKILLERS (2014, 55min)

Through the Window (2013, durational)

One Man Show (2012, 25min)

Alone in Cinema (2012, 10min)

Play it, Sam (2012, 10min)

Projector/Conjector (2011, 40min)

Into the Skirt (2010,45min,Plateaux Commission, Mousonturm)

Pregnant?! (2009, 45min)

Theatre Design Projects

Graphic Design Projects


EATEN will be performed as part of Dance Base Snow Motion.

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Tate Kids video “How to be a Performance Artist” is now online. click here to view it!