At the Ends of the Day

(2021, 80min participatory online performance)

Tramway ‘Performance Now’ commission

At the Ends of the Day is a late night pirate radio station, run beyond the borders via Zoom. Every time zone has its own DJ, broadcasting for the last hour of their day. Each DJ weaves a unique, orchestrated soundscape based on their live outdoor ambient noise. Over this, they layer other end-of-the-day recordings, from countries where the same day has already finished.

Join the Scottish broadcast and share in the final hour of our day together with fellow strangers. The audience members are invited to light just one candle, turn off all electrical lights, and wear headphones. On entry, they are renamed with pseudonyms.

Unlike normal Zoom meetings, anything that identifies you, such as your face or your name, is completely absent. At the Ends of the Day is both communal and reflective; a late night antidote to Zoom fatigue.  

Review Extracts

Iriguchi’s work presents a welcoming and expansive notion of community, as well as a brain-scramblingly non-localised understanding of what a day is. Gathered together with others, the realisation that the end of the day is happening somewhere, pretty much all the time, was a staggering and a beautiful sensation.  (Exeunt Magazine Full review)

It’s difficult to describe how powerful this experience is, as an evocation of global community; but if you ever have a chance to join Iriguchi’s virtual night-time communion, then take it – for the sake of your soul and your humanity, which surely need this kind of gentle sustenance, now more than ever.  (★★★★ The Scotsman Full review)

It makes me feel as though I am on a global road-trip, travelling to places far and wide, immersing myself in the unknown. At the same time, it all feels close to me; the sounds, through my headphones, transform my London bedroom into a place that belongs to different spaces all over the world.  (★★★★★  A Younger Theatre Full review)

Creative Team

Mamoru Iriguchi (Lead Artist)

Greg Sinclair (Dramaturg, Co-Sound Designer, Performer)

David MacAart (Co-Sound Designer, Technical Manager)


Uther Dean (New Zealand), Yohei Yamada (Japan), Zhuoer Lin (China), Nuriya Sadaf Moin (Bangladesh), Jeries Abu Jaber (Palestine), Titus Shaanika (Namibia), Asja Mahgoub (Germany), Greg Sinclair (Scotland), Jaimie Sutherland (Scotland), Andrean Sigurgeirsson (Iceland)

NB Asja, Greg, Jaimie and Andrean perform live.

Past Presentations

Take Me Somewhere Festival (Glasgow), In Between Time Festival (Bristol)

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer