(Sex Education Xplorers) a performance for secondary school pupils (12-15yrs) about gender fluidity, made with Mamoru’s signature DIY use of technology.

Employing a uniquely imaginative use of projection, costumes and props and Mamoru’s surreally humorous performance style, S.E.X. will be a playful and thought-provoking piece that encourages everyone to celebrate their own and others’ gender identities. It is based on Mamoru’s knowledge and interests in evolution of sex, which suggests humans inherited gender fluidity from their hermaphrodite ancestors.

S.E.X. was informed and inspired by PUSH Gender LAB. Mamoru was selected to attend this international artist development residency, exploring gender in performance for children, facilitated by Imaginate

Review Extracts (on 10min scratch performance)

Utterly hilarious, while touching on serious themes, it was a masterclass in prop, costume and media-heavy performance art. Despite still being in development, this piece is the start of wonderfully worked cabaret lecture and a work to watch for in the future.

(Exeunt Magazine)

Photo by Jassy Earl


photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer

photo: Julia Bauer