4D Cinema Edinburgh Festival Fringe Responses(3-28 August Summerhall)

The piece received diverse responses from critics and audience:

<The Good>

It is at once funny, quirky and charming and conceptually bold and rigorous...It's a rare and beautiful thing (Ben Walters, Scotsman,*****)

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4D Cinema is a bold experiment… one of the standout shows of the Fringe…and potentially a seminal statement in its field. (Tom Moyser, Broadway Baby,*****)

4D Cinema is an exercise in believing.. that the stage is a space where you can see simultaneously in two, three and even four dimensions(Marine Furet, Plays to See, *****)

honestly, one of the strangest things you’re likely to’s an incredibly powerful piece which constantly challenges and surprises.(Chris White, Exeunt Magazine)

...head scratching in the best possible way, and makes a niche art form truly accessible through its cinematic themes. (Live Cinema UK review,****)

His work - between projection, costume and scenography - renews central questions of visibility and visuality. (Simon Bowes, After the Lights Fade)

thoughtful without being pretentious… incredibly moving without being cheesy… Mamoru is a national treasure. (Ryan Nobel, audience review)

<The Bad>

...the deeper into the piece you go, the more lost its meaning seems to get in translation. (Liam Blain, British Theatre Guide,**)

50 munutes of un-witty surrealism (Linus West, All Edinburgh Theatre **)

I found this so vacuous and tedious, the rest of the audience seemed to be entertained. (Steve Coyle, audience review)

one of the worst things we have seen this year at the festival (Agnes Joyce Wells, audience review)

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I’ve never taken crack. Or coke. Or ecstasy. This show was a little like what I imagine snorting all those would be like.(Sam Freeman,